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About Sun Mining

BONUSES: +10% on all contracts paid from the reinvestment account.      DISCOUNTS: For the contracts  BTC from 100 000 GH/s (including September 13, 2018). - 30% till January 31, 2019 (Prices are indicated with discount included).

Sun Mining Company was founded in 2015 by private investors, who are citizens of Australia. Possessing large amounts of empty flat lands, we designed and placed unique solar power stations and data centers on them.

We would like to give you a piece of sunny green Australia, which is in the heart of each of the Sun Mining creators.

Regularly monitor and implement innovations in the field of mining.

Sun Mining provides cloud mining of crypto-currencies bitcoin, dashcoin, ethereum and other altcoins for professionals and newbies who want to receive a steady income without buying expensive equipment. We offer any capacity amount at the lowest prices.

Our computing capacity is powered by solar energy, which is a response to the earlier criticism of environmentalists that Internet companies are not environmentally friendly consuming electricity from burned fuel.


  • regularly monitor and implement innovations in the field of mining;
  • have up-to-date information on the state of the market of crypto-currencies;
  • provide uninterrupted operation of the software.
With us, you can take part in the production of bitcoins without installing and setting up equipment. The merits of our service also include the absence of hidden commissions, reinvestment, a convenient personal cabinet with statistics.

Provide uninterrupted operation of the software.

Cloud service connects the equipment to the pool, performs all the necessary manipulations in it, the earned money is transferred to your wallet.

This method prevent users from numerous problems:

  • interruptions in the operation of the Internet;
  • higher energy costs;
  • set-up and maintenance of equipment;
  • high noise lev.
  • It is much easier and more profitable than purchasing and installing equipment at home.


    • be asked to register on our site;
    • select hash capacity;
    • decide on the terms of the contract;
    • start "mining" of coins;
    • get instant crediting to the account.

    To master this kind of mining it is enough to have a personal computer.

    We are the best solution for those who want to earn extra money without risk and huge investments. Users, who want to start earning money immediately, choose cloud services.

    If you want real profit, register on our website and YOU'LL MANAGE IT.

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