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BONUSES: +10% on all contracts paid from the reinvestment account.      DISCOUNTS: For the contracts  BTC from 100 000 GH/s (including September 13, 2018). - 30% till January 31, 2019 (Prices are indicated with discount included).


Please read the FAQ before mailing us. First, read the FAQ in the field of cloud mining. Because of the same type and frequently asked questions, we had to hide the phone number. That is why we answer letters from people not registered in the system only once a day. Thanks for understanding.

What is mining?

Mining is an activity conducted to maintain a distributed platform and create new blocks with the opportunity to receive remuniration in the form of the issued currency and commission fees in various cryptocurrencies.

What is the Cloud Mining?

The Cloud Mining is the process of mining on equipment you leased.

Solar power mining?

Yes, it is. Our Data Centers worked only on 70% of solar energy 2 years ago. Today we are 100% independent of any energy companies. In the past, only few people new about us, but pesently people recommend us to their friends.

Mining at home or in cloud?

We believe that amateur mining (in apartments, garages, cottages) has lost its efficiency and, thereforey, there has been a demand for the use of computing power in much larger amount. Such capacities can only be provideв by Data Centers with a high density of specialized equipment for mining of crypto-currencies. They are able to instantly provide consumers with any amount, up to several hundred PH (petahash = 1000 terrahash). Therefore, our offer is unique, relevant and leading on the market.

Do I need to install software or acquire additional knowledge for cloud mining?

There is no need for you to have special knowledge and install anything on your computer. Our experts deal with these issues themselves.

What cryptocurrencies can be mined through your service?

SHA-256 used for Bitcoin mining (BTC); Scrypt used for LightCoin Mining (LTC); ETHASH used for Etherium mining (ETH); X11 used for Dash mining (DASH). Soon we will add other altcoins and new interesting contracts. Watch our updates on the website.

What kind of equipment is used for mining?

The range of equipment used for mining by our company is huge. Starting with bitmain-tech, spondoolies-tech, bitfury and ending with nvidia, AMD video cards. We also have our own innovations in the field, but this is confidential information.

Why your product is cheaper then other?

We work directly with equipment manufacturers. We build Data Centers on more economical platforms with advantageous tariffs for electricity.

Why contracts can only be purchased for Bitcoins?

We are one of the few who are interested in the growth and promotion of Bitcoin. Due to our service we are increasing demand for Bitcoin in the market. And by the way, we also pay for the Mining equipment by means of Bitcoin and manufacturers accept it with a good grace.

Where can I purchase Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin at any online currency exchange service,,

How can a Bitcoin wallet be created?

Bitcoin wallet can be created at,,,

What if I do not have an electronic wallet at the moment?

Do not worry, the funds will be accumulated in your personal cabinet. When the address of your personal wallet appears you will receive payments once in 24 hours.

How much can I earn with mining?

Earnings depend on many factors, such as reward for the unit, complexity, capacity of the package and the like ... They are impossible to predict. Please note, our payments are based on a total network hashrate,while 100% uptime is guaranteed. You can calculate the predicted income by means of online service.

What does 100% uptime mean?

Our experts and managers have taken care of the stable operation of your equipment on 24/7/365 basis.

How soon will my contract start working?

It's fast and easy. As soon as we receive payment for your order, your contract will be added to your profile. And mining will be launched at the same time.

How often shall I receive my payments?

The payments are generated on a dayly basis, and you'll receive them in your wallet.

How long is the contract validity?

The validity of a Bitcoin contract is 36 months. Term of an Ethereum contract is 24 months. The term of a Dash contract is 24 months. The term of a Litecoin contract is 24 months.

Is it possible to sell or transfer the contract to another user?

No, it is not. Contracts are not allowed to be sold or transfered to other users.

Can a contract be payed on a monthly basis or in part?

No it can not, a cloud mining contracts should be paid in advance in full. The amount of the issued invoice should match the amount of payment, if the figures are different, the payment for the contract may be delayed in time and the capacity of the hashrate will be adjusted manually according to the amount of payment received.

Can I terminate a mining contract prior to the end of its validity?

Online mining contracts are irrevocable and cannot be terminated by the Customer.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

In order to save money, our financial department, by means of the analysis of fees for the withdrawal of electronic currencies, approved the amount of minimum payments. Commissions for the withdrawal of electronic currencies are:
commission 0.001 BTC
commission 0.01 LTC
commission 0.01 DASH
commission 0.01 ETH

Can one register more than one account?

Of course, invite relatives and friends, register them.

I do not receive a letter of registration / do not receive informative letters.

1. Check the spam folder. Perhaps the letter is there.
2. There are promotional tabs or other customized tabs in the Google box. Check the availability of the letter there.
3. Add to your contact list.

I cannot log in the system. What should I do?

Use password reset via email

What does the suspension of mining mean?

You can suspend mining till a better contract profitability, with the contract validity being extended for a period of the suspension.

What is Reinvest? How can I use it?

The Reinvest function enables you to purchase additional mining capacities using already mined coins that you have on your balance. When you click the Reinvest button, the coins are automatically transferred to the Reinvestment account. You will be able to pay for your orders by clicking on the Pay button when forming the invoice. Payment will be made from the balance of your account.

What does the Reinvest button mean?

The Reinvest button allows you to increase the capacity of the hashrate as you accumulate funds, it transfers the mined coins to the reinvestment account, which is intended to save the money of our partners. When paying for purchased items from a reinvestment account, our customers do not pay any commissions.

Do you work in partner programs?

Yes we are working in referral programs, which you can see at We are also ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation. Contact us to get a personal offer via e-mail:

How does the partner program work?

Depending on the partner package and its referral level, you receive an increase in percentage of the capacity acquired by partners for any cryptocurrency.

How does the partner link work?

After followingh a partner link, the session is recorded in the user's browser. And after registration, it automatically becomes your partner. Attention! Registration of the referral is possible only within 14 days after following the partner link

Can I participate in a partner program without investment?

No you cannot. You just should sign any contract and pay the minimum package. After which, your partner link is activated.

Can I use two levels of the partnere program at once?

Yes, you can help your partner in the promotion of his account and at the same time you will receive pleasant rewards in the form of second-level referrals.

Where can I see information about my referrals?

All information about the invited partners is available in your private cabinet on the statistics page.

Where is Sun Mining lockated?

One Farrer 1 Farrer Place
New South Wales 2000

I'd like to see your Data Centers.

For security reasons, we can not specify the exact location of our Data Centers. As long as we take responsibility for the equipment and do not have the right to commit such a mistake as to disclose the corporate information.

You are not scammers or network pyramids, aren't you?

No, we are not. Previously we worked in a closed society and only few knew about us. For the time being, the company is successfully entering the world market. Our main goal is to help save the natural resources of our planet.

I intend to invest a lot of money. How can one eliminate risks?

Our company provides 100% uptime system. And our recommendations: do not hurry up to sign a contract for a large amount, start with a small one. After mastering the system and our proposals, you can sign contracts for larger amounts.

Is your business established for a long-term operation?

The company develops long-term relationships with customers and partners. Our business implies development for the next 20 years, at least until 2037. Our goal is saving and preserving the unique natural resources of the planet; it is designed for decades.

Can I lose money working with the company?

No, you cannot lose money. We make every effort to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your equipment.

Why does the confirmation of my Bitcoin deposit take a long time?

Bitcoin transactions are confirmed on bitcoin blockchain, which can be overloaded once in a while. If this is the case, you should switch to the highest transaction commission so that it is confirmed faster and does not "hang" in the Blockchain queue for a longer period of time. Please note that it has nothing to do with our service.

The payment has not come …

You have made an incorrect transaction that does not correspond to the figures in the account. Your payment is delayed and directed to manual moderation for adjustment of the hashrate with regard to the amount paid by you.

Are there any service and electricity charges?

There is no service or electricity charges. All costs are included in the contract price.

You fraudsters. Scammers. Pyramid.

The dispute and discussion is lost after joint work in 2-3 weeks. As a rule, such statements come from our unscrupulous competitors.

How can I contact you if I need help?

To begin with, get familiar with frequently asked questions in the field of cloud mining. Considering the same and often asked questions, we had to hide the phone number. Letters of website visitors not registered in the system shall be responded once a day. Contact us at or just fill out this form: .

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